Locator F.A.Q.

1. Will I get credit if I register a customer at an apartment but they did not right my name on the application?
This is completely up to the apartment communities. By registering your customers at ApartmentRegistration.com this provides accountability for you. Now the apartments will know you have been working with your customers.

2.Why is ApartmentRegistration.com free to locators?
ApartmentRegistration.com is free to all locators so that they will readily utilize the system to register the customers with the apartment complexes in ApartmentRegistration.com.

3.What if I forget my login or password?
Send support@apartmentregistration.com an email with your name and contact information and someone from our support team will contact you.

4.How do I know if a community requires me to use ApartmentRegistration.com?
Click on Participating Companies.

5.How long does it take to sign up?
Usually within one business day.

6.What if a property is not listed for me to register with my customer?
Simply email support@apartmentregistration.com and provide the property name and phone number.

7.Will I be able to see customer conflicts with other locators?
Yes. You will also be able to view the apartment communities where the customer has already been registered.

8.Does it matter which listing service I use?
No. ApartmentRegistration.com is not a listing service it is a registration system. However, we are planning to interface with ALN.

9. Will the apartments get contact information on the customers I register at their property?
Absolutley not! The apartments will not be given any contact information on any of your customers. This is your privacy. The apartments only get your customers name.