Providing accountability for both the apartments and locators!
Apartment Properties
- Increase your bottom line!
- Hold locators accountable.
- Marketing tools and management reports.
30 Day Free Trial!
Apartment Locators/Realtors
- Receive credit for YOUR work.
- Check for conflicts with customers.
- Automated lease verifications.
Free for Locators/Realtors
How it Works
It's simple just follow these easy steps.
1. Sign up online or call us at 1-855-927-8734.
2. We will notify the major locating companies your are now using
3. You will be assigned a login and password to access your account.
4. Log into your account and start saving money.
Features and Benefits
1. Increase Your Profit
Reduce Locator Expense
Only pay locators if they provide future tenants. With our system you have the capability to verify the locator listed on the application truly sent the customer.
3. Locator Marketing Tool
No More Faxing Fliers to Locators
Faxing locator offices can be tedious. Now you can reach locators at the click of a button. You can inform locators your current specials, prices, availability, commissions, etc..
2. Automated Registration
Track Customers Quicker and Easier
Be assured you are paying the right locator for the service. Log into your account and view which locator sent you the prospect and what time and date they were sent.
4. Risk Free
Sign Up For a 30 Day Free Trial does not require contracts! There are no obligations. If you don't see a need for our service let us know and we will not bill you. It's that simple.
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